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Energetic Healing and Wellness Services


Crystal Vision

Quantum Energy Healing

Set your intentions for the session with Kate and receive deep levels of restorative energetic healing with Reiki, Auric Light Alchemy, quantum healing, and shamanic practices. Through her psychic gifts and intuitive practices, Kate can help you gain greater insights to blocks, and help to shift the energy of anything that is keeping you from expressing your soul’s highest purpose.

90 minutes, $175

120 minutes, $225

Past Life Regression

This process will take you into a deeply relaxed state of conscious hypnosis, where you have access to experiencing a past life that is related to a specific concern, or pattern of behavior. Experiencing this can help to release these limiting patterns, and provide you with greater insights into your current life journey. An initial intake of 30 minutes is required for this session.

120 minutes, $250

Coaching and Connection

Are you looking to deepen your own practices? Learn about new practices? Expand your inner wisdom? Learn to cultivate your own intuitive capabilities? Receive coaching and guidance on creating practices in your daily, weekly, and/or monthly routines that will support your development. This time can also be used to connect you with your spirit guides, and with loved ones who have crossed. 

60 minutes, $125

Dwelling or Land Clearing and Blessing

If you are feeling that your home environment and/or land needs a clearing due to stagnant energy, if you are moving into a new space, having construction done, or if you suspect unwelcome spirits are present, this dwelling clearing and blessing will help shift the energy in your space. Kate uses sacred tools in shamanic tradition to clear and brighten your environment. You will also receive instruction on how you can maintain the energy, and will be provided with some simple tools for use in your own practice. This service may be in person (locally) or virtual.


Monthly Group Guided Meditation and Light Body Activation

Kate will begin with a guided meditation for the participants, and use her highly charged Selenite Swords to offer a Light Body Activation that will leave you feeling relaxed, grounded, and connected. The activation includes quantum healing frequencies, light language channeling, a chakra clearing and balancing, clearing of the energetic field, heart and third eye expansion, and a divine feminine activation. This monthly group tune up offering via Zoom is centered around the full moon energy. Be in comfortable clothes, and bring an open mind. If you are not able to attend the live event, you may receive a recording.

60 minutes, $20

Get ready to unlock your own unlimited potential for healing.


“Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness.” -Eckhart Tolle

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