Kate Drummond, OTR/L

Kate Drummond is an intuitive empath and psychic medium. She is an occupational therapist, and has worked in the field since 1997. She has pediatric and adult OT practices. After a bout of “psychic amnesia,” Kate reoriented and remembered gifts in 2007 that she had purposefully shut down in her early 20s. She started on a path of re-membering  and started incorporating energetic work into her practice in 2011 with surprising and meaningful results. Kate is a Reiki Master (Usui and Holy Fire), and has trained in shamanism through Moonrise, a women’s intensive experiential program,  energy healing with Selenite Swords of Light, Vibrational Synergy, and Past Life Regression. Kate is able to tap into client’s needs based on their intentions to provide deep levels of insight and healing. She feels most honored to connect others that are ready to uncover and develop their own innate wisdom. 

“Being with Kate in a session is like going home to me. There is a feeling of safety in her presence, like being held by all of the mothers at once. Her ability to tap into what is needed to be seen, heard, cleared, healed, or banished is extraordinary. I feel such gratitude being present in the unveiling of such a bright light. She walks as a Shaman.” -Karen Deer Heart Thomas

“Kate helped me open a channel that was longing to be opened. I was able to reconnect with a part of myself that had been hidden away, and now I feel more wholly myself. I feel like I have been reaping the benefits of the healing for weeks following my session. I have a new sense of clarity that has emerged since. I felt so grounded and deeply connected to myself during the session.” -Lisa

“I was unsure what to expect when I first met with Kate and was truly amazed by the experience. With great care and attention, Kate helped me see and feel parts of my life in a tangible and visceral way that opened places I thought were buried away. I was deeply moved by my experience with her.” – Michele

“Kate is a gifted and deft healer. My first session with her was powerful and transformational. I look forward to many more!” -Harden

“Kate’s empathy, insight, and gentle manner provided me with the gift of peace. I had been suffering for 17 years after my father passed away, not understanding the turmoil of his death. In one session with Kate, she was able to identify the roots of the unrest and provide communication, insight, and closure for me so that now my thoughts and memories of my father are wonderful and peaceful. Her ability to bring about this closure and peace has been such a gift. Kate has extraordinary gifts.” -Kim

“The powerful combination of Kate and her selenite swords is irresistible! She led a Light Body Activation that opened my third eye dramatically, and sent a cleansing, healing wind through all of my chakras. I felt a huge release in my heart chakra that continues to resonate with me every day. As I integrate all of the healing that took place in just the first session, I am so grateful to Kate for her help in clearing and activating my Self–the better to follow my path.” – C.W.

“Kate’s clear intuitive insight and gentle open approach facilitate healing and growing toward freedom–life changing!” – Metta

“Recently I had Kate help me access two different past lives through her Reiki energy work process. I immediately felt comfortable with her work and gifts after speaking with her on the phone. Through a virtual call, Kate was able to tap into my energy. I felt comfortable with the entire process, although some of the past life accesses were quite disturbing. I had never quite touched so deeply into a past life although I often meet people that I feel as I knew them on a deep level sometime before. Her work has brought me so much peace and a sense of completion of karmic lessons. I highly recommend Kate for energy work to open your soul up to healing. ” -Karen

“Kate radiates confidence and clarity. She is humble, direct, authentic, non-judgmental, and caring in her practice. My sessions with Kate have been peaceful, nurturing, and enlightening. The energies she imbues, clears, and shifts resonates long after the session. Her direction, derived from guides and visions, are offered plainly with space for my own application; and her counsel, concise and wise, is shared as a spiritual partner. Kate is a kind, knowing soul, and I am grateful that she has chosen to share her gifts to help us all heal and realize our highest selves.” – Della

“I had never considered something like this in my life, but I was at a point in my life that my own problem solving skills were no longer working, and I know I needed more help. My experience with Kate was freeing, expansive, and life changing. It awakened an urge to learn more about my ancestry and foremothers, and to draw on their strength. I will never, ever, be the same, and that is a good thing.” -S.B.J.